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As part of the fashion and home industry, we strive for a board environment and ethical approach to business to alight our customers' mantra and expectation. Alpha has invested in a separate project team within our Supply Chain Platform to manage our target on waste management, recycling and sustainability in production. Our main goal is to use sustainable materials on over 80% of our textile products by 2025. In the meantime, we are constantly looking for new and more environmentally friendly ways of working by adapting more practices on compostable plastic materials and recyclable metal materials.

Environmental & Social Responsibilities

Chemical Restrictions
All our products must live up to high standards of quality and safety. These are our guidelines at the design stage and throughout production processes. We work in a number of ways to ensure that customers can rely on our products quality and safety. We fulfill the relevant environment laws and set a variety of requirements to see that products are free from toxins. We carry out preventative inspections at our suppliers to avoid the use of inappropriate materials that include shrinkage tests, test of colour fastness and advanced chemical analysis. In addition, our list of significant uses of chemical substance is continuously updated according to current guidance or legal requirements. We adhere to European norms and standards, also to regulations of product safety in the USA, Canada, Japan and Australia.
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