Our Mission

Create Better Lives
Aiming for creating better lives for global consumers by delivering everyday products with a sense of creativity. This is the passion that we always stand for. By establishing a platform-based organization which full of vitality, we provide each ALPHAer with opportunities for continuous growth and development.

Our Values

Alpha's core value is the faith inside everyone of us. It is the standard of our conduct and value, the fine tradition after years precipitation, and also the believes that we must presist when looking into the future.
1. Simple
  • Be Truthful
    Express true thoughts and stand for original positions.
  • Be Focus
    Keep your feet on the ground and stay focused.
  • Be Simple
    Treat people sincerely and have confidence in your coworkers; maintain a simple and honest cooperative relationship with suppliers.
2. Efficient
3. Open-Minded
4. Collaborative

Service Concept

Fast and accurate response, Professional and fine services
Maintain a keen market sense, be fast and accurate in reacting and responding to the ever-changing situations, and decision-making. Think from the perspective of customers, provide accurate, meticulous and professional services, to create value for customers.
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