Alpha Fashion Co. Ltd is a leading supplier of fashion accessories with offices in Madrid, Shenzhen, HK, Los Angeles, and London. With the inception of Alpha fashion in 2003, we are currently one of the leading and most established companies in design and manufacturing of fashion accessories. This includes Hair accessories, Jewelry, Handbags, Scarves, Beauty and Tech accessories. 



With Alpha Fashion's strong approach to meet our customers'needs, we have built longstanding relationships with our current retail partners. Our goals are to provide the best sourced material, latest market trends and high-quality products at very competitive prices with efficient turnaround time. 



This we achieve by having an effective supply chain with our own factories to cater for all customre's demands. We have a team of designers who continually source and develop new products tailored current markets trends. They research the market place around the world and react to trends quickly and effciently ensuring Alpha have the most popular up to dated products.



Our services include developing, sourcing, purchasing, storage, shipment, quality control and inspection. With years of experience in all aspects through product development, trading, manufacturing, and delivery we can guarantee quality at competitive price and you can be assured that Alpha will bring the best and newest ranges of accessories to the market. 


We thank you for your interest in Alpha Fashion and we look forward working with you and your company.